Real Estate Transactions & Litigation

Real Estate Transactions & Litigation

Real Estate Transactions & Litigation Attorneys in Chicagoland

The decision to buy or sell a home, office building, or other types of land or property is a major investment, and even the smallest details of the transaction are important. You need someone with the proven knowledge and skill to ensure all legal requirements are met while also working to protect your best interests and your investment. Whether your needs involve commercial or residential property, our knowledgeable real estate attorneys can provide personalized and professional legal guidance you can depend on. We’ve spent many years representing real estate clients throughout Illinois and Indiana, and you can trust Spagnolo & Hoeksema, LLC to help ensure your rights are protected.

Professional Representation in Illinois and Indiana Real Estate Matters

Rights and obligations to real property are outlined under various state laws, including the Illinois Compiled Statutes and Title 32 of the Indiana Code. In many cases, property owners and developers must also comply with a patchwork of local building regulations and standards at the county or community level. Keeping track of all the legal tasks and requirements involved in even a relatively uncomplicated property sale or land contract can be confusing for those without specific training and experience.

At Spagnolo & Hoeksema, LLC, our attorneys are highly experienced in real estate transactions in both Illinois and Indiana. We provide the knowledgeable, dedicated legal representation our clients need to protect their rights and interests in the following types of real estate matters:

  • Residential and condominium sales
  • Foreclosures and short sales
  • Second homes and investments
  • Commercial property sales and development
  • Issues related to titles, deeds, and construction
  • Contract disputes and HOA litigation
  • Approvals for zoning and permits
  • Compliance with local, state, and federal regulations

As professional real estate attorneys, you can trust us to oversee the entire process of negotiations, bids, contracts, and financing, helping to ensure your success and satisfaction in all of your transactions. 

We Can Protect Your Interests

The housing and real estate development markets can change quickly, and buyers need to understand how current conditions will impact property values, inventory, interest rates, and more. Whether you are interested in commercial development or in upgrading or downsizing your home, our real estate attorneys are here to help protect and guide you through every phase of the transaction:

  • Overseeing inspections and initial offers;
  • Explaining contract terms and any potential liability;
  • Clarifying title, zoning, and land use issues;
  • Reviewing legal documents associated with the transaction to prevent common mistakes;
  • Ensuring everything is in legal compliance and filed with the appropriate court. 

Contact Us Today For Help

Important real estate transactions are often high stakes. They involve major life decisions like trusting your financial future to new retail development, or selecting your family’s home for years to come, just to name a few. You need a highly skilled and qualified legal professional on your side. Reach out and contact Spagnolo & Hoeksema, LLC, to request a consultation with our experienced real estate attorneys today. From our offices in St. John and Barrington, we serve clients all across the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana region.

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