Crown Point Tax Attorneys

Crown Point Tax Attorneys

When you have an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) problem or are dealing with unpaid taxes, you cannot just turn to a friend or co-worker for help with your tax troubles. Instead, you will need assistance from an experienced Crown Point tax lawyer who knows how to handle tax issues.

Spagnolo & Hoeksema, LLC, represents Crown Point residents and other people in the area who are dealing with troubles relating to their taxes. Some issues see escalation to the IRS, but others can be resolved prior to any IRS involvement. 

Solutions for IRS Problems

If you know that you are going to be needing a tax attorney but just cannot decide how to choose one, you will want to find a tax firm that represents your best interests and helps you make the toughest decisions. You will need representation in possibly both a federal court and a local tax court. 

Spagnolo & Hoeksema, LLC, offers such tax relief services as:

  • IRS Audits
  • IRS Payment Plans
  • Tax Liens
  • Levy and Garnishment Reduction
  • FinCEN Form 114, Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts, Reporting

We also handle Crown Point business tax services, including:

  • Business Tax Restructuring
  • Business Tax Liens
  • Tax Audit Preparation Services
  • Payroll Tax Catch-Up Plans
  • Levy and Garnishment Removal

Spagnolo & Hoeksema, LLC, is well aware of the challenges that tax issues can present for business owners and other individuals in Crown Point. We are familiar with issues relating to IRS collection efforts and back taxes that you cannot afford.

You may be able to secure an installment agreement that makes payments much easier for you. Federal taxation issues we handle include:

  • Debt restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings
  • IRS controversies and tax litigation
  • Organizing business activities and structuring transactions
  • Public finance with tax-exempt debt instruments
  • Formation and operation of partnerships, limited liability companies (LLCs), and C- and S-corporations
  • Tax matters that involve civil penalties or potential criminal sanctions
  • Charitable organizations and private foundations, including Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT), prohibited transactions, excess benefit transactions, and business arrangements between exempt organizations and individuals or for-profit entities
  • Modern corporate transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, as well as stock transactions, reorganizations, and tax-free spin-offs from corporate subsidiaries
  • Federal taxation of foreign businesses and individuals and of foreign-source income earned by resident individuals or U.S. corporations.
  • General real estate transactions, including like-kind exchanges, real estate investment trust (REIT)-related transactions, and prevention of dealer status

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A tax attorney will be able to help protect your rights and negotiate with the IRS on your behalf through an in-depth understanding of tax law that allows us to act as a mediator with the IRS. Spagnolo & Hoeksema, LLC, can challenge IRS rulings in court, negotiate compromises with the IRS, settle back taxes, halt wage garnishment, undo property liens, and remove account levies.

Our firm features John M. Janiga, a lawyer with experience in certified public accounting who has written numerous papers, articles, and books on taxation matters. You are able to call us or contact us online to arrange a free consultation that will allow us to sit down with you and go over all the problems you are facing while also answering all of your legal questions and providing you with the insight you will need to know that there are answers to your problems.

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