Corporate & Business Tax

Corporate And Business Tax

Corporate & Business Tax Lawyers in Chicagoland

Tax law is intertwined with virtually every aspect of business. From payroll tax to sales and income tax, businesses often have to deal with multiple levels of taxation. All of this must be done accurately and timely, or one day, you may find agents from the IRS knocking on your door for an “in-depth” discussion of your books.

At Spagnolo & Hoeksema, LLC, we are able to help businesses and their owners deal with the full spectrum of tax law complexity because of the nature of our firm. Attorney John Janiga is a tenured full professor with a nationally ranked university, where he teaches and researches in the area of federal income and transfer taxation.

He has also written extensively on these issues, including professional and academic articles and a book on tax and estate planning. Two of our attorneys are also certified public accountants, which allows them a thorough understanding of financial documents, balance statements, transaction records, and tax structures.

Decades Of Legal Experience Helping Businesses

The firm’s lawyers have more than 90 years of combined experience working with business and corporate law matters, and this experience allows them to thoroughly analyze entities, their financing, and their transactions, connecting the dots of all the component parts into one coherent whole that encompasses all the tax implications.

Our firm offers experienced tax counsel for a variety of tax matters, including:

  • Tax controversies
  • Internal Revenue Service tax issues
  • Illinois sales and income tax issues
  • Tax court
  • Offers in compromise
  • Complex tax planning
  • Estate planning strategies

Contact Our Firm For Help With Your Tax Matters

Few areas demand greater competency than tax law. Our clients’ tax issues can be expensive to resolve by negotiation or litigation with the IRS and the state Department of Revenue. Our attorneys understand the complex interplay between business and tax law and can advise your company in all manner of tax questions.

Make an appointment today to discuss tax issues with our experienced lawyers. Call us at 847-519-1101 or complete our online form. We represent clients throughout the Chicagoland region, including Illinois and Indiana.

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