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Of Combined Legal Experience

For many, a phone call to an attorney can be problematic. Legal advice, or the need to begin litigation, is typically seen as something to be avoided at all costs. However, failing to obtain early and effective legal counsel is often the first step in an expensive slide into potentially costly litigation. While legal planning and advice may not be able to head off all legal conflicts, the lack of proper planning can almost always ensure trouble. The lawyers at Spagnolo & Hoeksema, LLC, have more than nine decades of combined legal experience with business and commercial law, estate planning and administration, and tax and litigation matters.

They have worked with thousands of clients during their careers, providing skilled services that can only be developed and honed over many years of practice. They build relationships with clients that last. In addition to years of experience, developing a long-term relationship with Spagnolo & Hoeksema, LLC allows them to better serve you and your legal needs. Contact us today and make an appointment to discuss your legal matter with one of our experienced attorneys at 847-519-1101 or use our online form.

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Spagnolo & Hoeksema, LLC is a team of experienced attorneys committed to helping our clients better understand their options. Whether you need assistance with business litigation, estate planning or probate, you can depend on us for comprehensive answers. We recognize that these matters can be challenging, especially when you’re processing a loved one’s death or managing a business, so we handle every case with precision and efficiency.

Don Oliver


Admitted to the Illinois
Bar in 1988, Don is also
CPA certified since 1985 …

Kristin E. Hoeksema


Working in matters
involving probates,
contested wills, trusts …

John M.


Admitted to the Illinois Bar
in 1988, John has broad
experiences in certified …

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As business owners ourselves, we understand the
importance of cost-consciousness when seeking
legal services. Receiving the right legal
advice can serve as a valuable investment in the
interest of your business. By securing the help of
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